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September 2nd and 3rd 2006

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Updated 27th January 2007


A big thank you to all the GMs and players for making Shadow Con II a great success! We had 83 different people passing through our doors over the 2 days.

We hope everyone who attended had a good time and if you have any comments please let us know, as your feedback will help us to improve our next event if we do one.  We are currently sifting through the 100 + pictures taken and will be posting some of them on our website soon.

Once again many thanks to both players and GMs for making Shadow Con II what it was, a great success!


Con Write-Up
(many thanks to Max)

Hero / Horror Clix Write-Up
(with thanks to
Captain Bones)


Unfortunately for some reason many of the pictures taken at Shadow Con II came out blurry and out of focus.  If anyone who attended Shadow Con II took pictures that they're happy for us to use, please contact us.

HorrorClix Pictures
(NEW 27.01.07)

HeroClix Pictures
(NEW 27.01.07)

RPG Pictures
(UPDATED 27.01.07)


Shadow Con II you say...?

Shadow Con II? Can it really be a year already since the last Shadow Con? Talk about 'time flies'! (As opposed to Time Flys, those pesky Mi-Go servants...) Did a lot of preparation, as usual, and felt all smug and good about it, even though it took far longer than I thought to get the scenarios in to shape and playtesting meant I had to then go and change them again, bleedin' playtesters :) Planning, it has to be said, is the bedrock of con games, and anyone who thinks differently is a muppet. So there. :) 

And then the adventure began! Loaded the car, where does all this stuff come from? it sits harmlessly in my little office and then expands to fill more bags than it does shelves, maybe it's some quantum thing with moving rpg stuff around? Who really knows...? No really, who knows!? Drove down to Oxford, picked up Dennis at 06:45 (on a Saturday, so I was partially asleep :), spent the journey time wondering if I had missed anything out or needed to change anything in the scenarios, the worries of a GM, the worries of a sad GM who spends too long thinking about games...

Dennis was ready and raring to go, as I knew he would be, he's always great company and full of the joys of, well everything really, not just gaming, but life in general, great company and made the journey fly by. Hit the M40 via some really, really scary back roads through Oxfordshire: Dennis is an experienced traffic avoider... I am an experienced 'drive like an old woman' driver, so the combination worked well...

Must say a big thanks to Dennis for being such good company (as always) and for adding so much to the games, he's an awesome role player (I blame the acting experience :)

Made Gerald's house in incredibly quick time. When motorways are moving they're grrrreeeeat! And didn't get lost even though I didn't bring a printed out copy of map and directions. This is an achievement for me: I'm the sort of person that can go to the same place ten times and get lost on the eleventh. I thought the venue was 'down the road' from Gerald's house, mainly because Gerald had said, "it's not far, just ten minutes down the road." I didn't realise he meant, 'just ten minutes if you're in an F16' down the road.

Following Peter to the Venue is fun I tell you! Got there nice and early, well I thought it was nice and early, but the Pompey crew have a different definition of 'early'... if you think you're mad for it at a Con, just speak to these guys, obsessed I tell you! And thank god they are :)

Drunk some coffee, ate some bacon rolls and realised we were all in full on 'con-mode' already, chatting and laughing like we'd all seen each other only yesterday. Gamers are generally friendly people, comes from being 'outsiders' I think, us geeks and nerds (pick your own tag) need to stick together!

Ran two great games of CoC, the players were very in character and made both games a joy to GM. Came to realise that a lot of the laughter and joking about was 'nervous laughter' as they were all convinced they were pretty much doomed and it was just a matter of time... made me wonder how much of the other 'laughter' I get in my games is through nervous energy from the characters, hadn't really thought about it before like that.

The first two games saw a good range of mayhem and plot juggling, and resulted in a sole survivor from each game: one survived as they went back to their cell in the Asylum and hid ("things only started going wrong once I left my cell, sod this I'm going back there...") and one ran at an opportune moment and met up with a 'friendly' squad of grunts that escorted them back to the world, and they even had their SAN intact!

Finished the games, and then got in to the burgers and sozzies at the BBQ: great idea the BBQ, thanks to Peter for manning the 'hotter-than-the-sun-coals'. Got on with the very serious business of laughing and joking with everyone, which was remarkably easy and (unsurprisingly :) a great deal of fun! A social gathering after the intensity of running games is a good idea, gives a good chance to wind down and let the adrenaline settle. A chance to put faces to names from forums, talk to other GM's about their games and generally get a feel for how the rest of the con is going, as well as to plan future meetings at other cons. Playing all day and then talking about playing all night, maybe we're all obsessed? And thank god we are!

Got back to Gerald's for about 10:45 and started the poker and Grolsch... and of course we have a well established tradition which we we're loathed to part from, so ended up just giving Peter our money... <sighs>... but! I did win the second round, but as we finished at 03:30am, that was not the great victory it might have been as my brain had melted by then.

Sunday was another two CoC games, and some more memorable playing and mayhem: Cthulhu really is a great system and a fool proof con game :) Both games saw some great character deaths and some memorable quotes, the little book of quotes is filling up... and Mick... if you're gonna detonate that amount of explosives in a cave, it's gonna get messy... and after the spectacular success of Tabasco's (Kelv's) it was doubly funny... well, funny for me :)

All in all the two scenarios proved a success, but perhaps they need a more 'cloaked' Cthulhu element as both seemed to unravel fairly quickly and reveal a lot of Cthulhoid type horror... but then again... :)

Left the con at 7.30 and was home by 9, again along remarkably clear roads, I'm sure this was a fluke and I'll pay dearly for it when I try to get to and from other cons, karma and all that. Meeting up with friends / gamers is always a blast, and Shadow Con II was no exception. A huge thanks to Gerald, Peter, Pam, John, Mark, Tim, Steve, Phil and all the Shadow Warriors for organising and hosting, and extra thanks to Gerald for the couch (and the Grolsch! :).

It was a great break, a great way to relax with friends and do something I really enjoy: running games. Shadow Con goes from strength to strength, and it's obvious that future cons are going to be even busier and the event has become established in many gamers calendars as a 'must do'.

Time always seems to be against me, and it's a shame I can't do more cons, but that makes the ones I can do more special, or so I keep telling myself :) And Shadow Con will be a regular: as long as they let me, I'll be running games there! If you've ever thought about role playing or going to a con, especially Shadow Con: do it! People are all friendly and welcoming, and not at all as 'geeky' as you might imagine, not even the GM's ;)



RPG Pictures
bbq-002.jpg (57131 bytes)
bbq-003.jpg (72934 bytes)
CoC-001.jpg (77237 bytes)
Call of Cthulhu
CoC-002.jpg (77482 bytes)
Call of Cthulhu
Sarb-001.jpg (69761 bytes)
Sarb-002.jpg (78092 bytes)
Sarb-003.jpg (74432 bytes)
WFRP-010.jpg (73111 bytes)
Tim Con V
Warhammer (WFRP)
WFRP-011.jpg (65691 bytes)
Tim Con V
Warhammer (WFRP)
WFRP-012.jpg (70730 bytes)
Tim Con V
Warhammer (WFRP)
WFRP-015.jpg (70165 bytes)
Tim Con V
Warhammer (WFRP)
WFRP-017.jpg (77120 bytes)
Tim Con V
Warhammer (WFRP)
Pirates-001.jpg (24272 bytes)
The Pomey Lads playing at being Pirates
** NEW **
Descent-001.jpg (27113 bytes)
Peter (in yellow) running Descent
** NEW **


** NEW **  HeroClix Pictures  ** NEW **
Hero-004.jpg (80565 bytes)
A Fight in a Cemetery
Hero-005.jpg (88880 bytes)
More Fighting....
Hero-006.jpg (88875 bytes)
The Police Arrive!
Hero-010.jpg (87889 bytes)
The Spectre.....


** NEW **  HorrorClix Pictures  ** NEW **
Horror-000.jpg (29324 bytes)
The Cthulhu Cake
Horror-001.jpg (88234 bytes)
Any one for a bite?
Horror-014.jpg (116193 bytes)
Someone's Clowning Around
Horror-015.jpg (123329 bytes)
Never get Caught in a Cemetery at Night!
Horror-022.jpg (33157 bytes)
Close up of some HorrorClix Figures
Horror-023.jpg (36488 bytes)
More HorrorClix Figures
Horror-024.jpg (29897 bytes)
Some More HorrorClix Figures
Horror-025.jpg (26961 bytes)
Cthulhu Himself
Horror-026.jpg (28845 bytes)
The WizKids Trade Stand
Horror-027.jpg (23391 bytes)
Captian Bones in the Flesh
Horror-028.jpg (25480 bytes)
Party Time!!


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